Benefits of a Home Security System

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If you are like most people, you have probably turned away at least one security system salesman who has come and knocked on your door in an effort to have you install one of these systems in your home. Even though you might not think that you need to purchase one, however, you might want to consider doing so. In fact, you might be surprised by just how useful it can be to have a home security system installed in your house.

Obviously, one of the first Read More

Three Reasons to Have a Fire Extinguisher

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One of the least expensive ways to protect your home from fire is to have at least one fire extinguisher in your home.

1. Fires tend to start small and grow fast. For example, a grease fire in your kitchen usually happens in your skillet or deep fryer. If you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, you can quickly put the flames out before they leap to your cabinets and curtains. Make sure your kitchen fire extinguisher is Read More

Three Reasons to Have a Fire Alarm

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There are three very important reasons that every home should have a smoke alarm.

1. The most important reason is safety. If you are sleeping when a fire breaks out in your home, you may not smell the smoke before it is too late to get yourself and your family out of the house. A smoke alarm has a pierce sound that will wake you up if there is a fire in your home. If you have multiple Read More

Protecting Your Home From Intrusion

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You can spend all the time in the world loading up your home with the latest new gadgets, home entertainment systems and energy through sites like but unless you are actually putting in an added effort to secure your home from the outside you may as well be taking all of that money and flushing it down the toilet. The minute an outsiders sees all this fancy stuff you got in your home and no security, nothing will stop them from declaring open season on your house and your things and, if you’re lucky, that’s all that will happen.

There are lots of different ways you can secure your home and they don’t all have to end in you buying a home security system, however those certainly help in a pinch. There are things you can do to make your home seem less opulent to those on the outside. For starters, you might consider investing in a good pair of drapes or blinds if you are going to start filling your home with all kinds of fancy-shmancy gadgets – don’t give criminals any added incentive to let themselves in. You can also look at leaving lights or television on when you are away to create the illusion that someone is home – most thieves and burglars are looking to steal your things, not a confrontation.

And remember that while none of these can guarantee your home security they will at least help reinforce it. You can also consult with your local law enforce – they would have a better idea of what you are up against and how to combat it.

How to Teach Your Children Fire Safety

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With so many fire hazards in life, it is important to teach your children about fire safety. Just a few moments of education can make the world of difference in the face of an emergency. Always keep your flammable chemicals locked away from a child’s reach, as well as matches, lighters and cigarettes. Cover all electrical outlets and hide power cords whenever possible. Never assume your child is too young to understand. Toddlers can benefit from fire safety training that Read More

Five Reasons to Have Fire Drill Plan

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Family safety is a topic that many people forget to discuss when buying a new home or property. It is always crucial to have a plan of action should a natural disaster occur. Why? Here are five reasons that fire drill plans are a great option to have for your family in case a fire does take place. The first obvious reason to have a fire drill plan is so that each family member has knowledge of the exit points that will be utilized in case a fire does occur. Second, it allows for the family Read More

How to Correctly Install a Fire Alarm

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To correctly install a fire alarm you will need just a few basic tools. The most common tools needed for this job is a drill, a screwdriver, a pencil, a flashlight for the dark areas, and a ladder for those inaccessible areas. For most units you will need to take the mount bracket for the fire alarm place and place it against wall at the site where you want the fire alarm, and use a pencil to mark the drill hole sites. Once you have done this, use the drill to drill the required number of holes. You will know Read More

How to Save on the Cost of Fire Alarms

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Fire alarms are something that every home and business owner should have. Whether you have to replace an older one, or maybe you’re thinking about getting a new one, there’s no reason to pay full price on your next purchase. Listed below are a few ways that anyone can use in order to save on the cost of fire alarms:

Check for rebates: Many big name fire alarm companies will offer rebates to those that purchase either online or in-store. This Read More